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MyEureka organise and take medicines at the right time every day

Our free MyEUREKA Service is an easy way of helping you, or someone you care for, organise and take medicines at the right time every day

Why choose MyEureka ?

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It's important to take the right dose of your prescribed medicines at the right time. Some people may find this difficult if, for example, they have a complicated medicine routine or struggle to open medicine packaging. This is where our free MyEureka Service may help.
With MyEureka Service, you receive treatment from your software, you prepare your premium plan for the patient, you control the interactions and allergies, you prepare your pillbox safely.
Practical weekly pills for a week of treatment at a glance thanks to its transparency.
Your patient no longer has to pierce the compartment at the right time of the price, after having validated it on the mobile application!
This pill contains one week's prescription. It is a simple help to follow your patient's observation.


Started MyEureka Service

1. Pop into your local pharmacy and Bring details of any medication you are takin
2. Talk about MyEUREKA Service with a pharmacist They can advise if it's right for you
3. Agree on a start date We'll arrange to order and collect your prescription

Convenient: Available at over all pharmacies
Flexible: No need for an appointment - just head into store
Face-to-face advice: Get any questions answered by our pharmacist

2 proposed solutions
- the blister MAD DOSE simple
- the My Eureka Service (starter kit)

Your kit contains:
200 blisters (all included cardboard + full blister)
Its tray to fill it
Its mobile app for reminders
Access to the EUREKA platform
A poster and flyers for your patients

Order directly from the website (cartons of 200 blisters)

Color-coded by time of day
Detachable and portable, convenient packaging
Filled by your pharmacist

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