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E-Box, the intelligent pillbox

Stay connected to your family, no matter the distance 

Healthily Never Forgeting !

e-Box dispenser has been designed for simplicity




Help with daily medication

e-Box Organize all of your meds & vitamins in seconds. Receive reminders. Know how loved ones are doing.

e-Box Is connected to the My Eureka platform and Me and allows to monitor patient compliance.

The innovative pillbox

1. The pharmacist, after checking the patient and the prescribed treatment, sets the e-Box (programming and filling in sachets doses).
2. The patient is warned by an audible and visual alarm to recall the catch.
3. Processing is automatically distributed at the scheduled time.
4. Taking patient treatment is validated and secured.
5. In the event of forgetting, an alert informs the pharmacist via the platform My Eureka and Me.

A new service for your patients

Intended for pharmacists, this e-pillar aims to improve the quality of life of chronic patients and to contribute to the observance of treatments. The measurement of biological indicators via communicating devices is directly transmitted via a report to the pharmacist or the attending physician. Communication with family members is done by a system of sending SMS in case of worries in the taking or not of the treatment or, in general, to inform the entourage of events or situations requiring their attention


E BOX features

1) Sound call at the time your patient is to take his treatment
2) the pillbox adapts to all treatments (sachets)
3) The bags are easy to open
4) The pharmacy or your relatives receive an SMS alert and / or an email containing the information of catches like the good catch, the bad catch and all the traceability of the catch is automatically integrated on MyEureka.
5) A 7-day treatment is inserted inside the pillbox, the pillbox is secured so that the patient can not open it.
6) The autonomy of the pillbox without connection is 4 hours and it is unlimited when it is connected to an electrical outlet.

In conclusion

Your patient is reassured, no loss of time, he no longer worries about preparing his treatment. It no longer mixes between the various treatments and no longer forgets its treatment thanks to alerts.
Finally the health professional is alerted as well as the family in case of non-compliance.
The intelligent pillbox reassures the patient and his family and ensures the pharmacist a good observance at home.

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