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The SMARTEST robot !




Solutions designed to increase your efficiency
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The Blister Pack robot that revolutionizes the PDA !

- Would you like to be able to count on a quality, safe and economical technology for the packaging of your pills?
- Would you like to develop a service for your patients at home ?
- Are you a pharmacy or a hospital center ?
- Do you want a secure and automated solution with blisters?


The BLISTER PACK is the only automation on the market that packs in blister packs and controls production!
Our weekly pills are certified Class B * and are designed to ensure compliance with treatments. This solution allows the identification of products and times of administration.


The BLISTERPACK revolutionizes dispensing systems in pharmacies, hospitals, and distribution centers.

Automation for Multidose Blister Cards

The BLISTERPACK revolutionizes dispensing systems in pharmacies, hospitals and distribution centers. 
The BLISTERPACK is equipped with an exclusive control system that allows production control, guaranteeing a high level of safety and traceability for dispensing. 
The BLISTERPACK automates the repetitive and manual tasks of your staff and secures all the manufacturing processes of pillboxes. 

The degree of automation for our systems adapts in a personalized way in order to offer you a tailor-made solution, as close as possible to your expectations.



  • Automatic control of the contents of each cell
  • Simplicity of functionality
  • A simple and fun user interface
  • Easy to clean
Increase Revenue. Decrease Expenses.
Exact stock control
Reduces staff costs
Since 20 years

Total interoperability!

Our robots are compatible with most medical software on the market, such as computer software, nursing home software, hospital software such as Pharma, DxPharma, Osiris, ASc2i, Genois, Cariatides, Image Pharma, Hopital Manager, Magh2, Mediane, DX Care, TITAN, etc .


We are a reliable partner!


We are always there for you!


Our products are our passion.


Our Customer Service is at your disposal.

You have a vision, we have the solutions.

Give your patients the best chance to stay adherent with Blisterpack by ROBOTIK TECHNOLOGY Multidose Blister Cards

Dorothée B. (62)
Canister Bases are Variable to Infinity 198 canisters installed base
Mode of Control : PC
Speed of Preparation on Average : 1blister /minute
Fractional Medication Management 3 FSP (Free Packaging System) + MDU
Mesures 1980 mm (L) 1080 MM (P) 614.06 (H)
Weight 220 kg
Category of Pollution Norms 2
Voltage Category II
Equipment Class 1
Temperature: 10-40 ° C
Humidity: 10-80%
Power Consumption : 650W - 1000V A
Electrical Connection: 220V/50Hz
Power Supply RJ45 in the back
Installation/Mini Ventilation: 20cm on wall / 5 ventilations
Normal Noise <85 dB

Canister Bases are Variable to Infinity 290 canisters installed base
Mode of Control : Tactile Screen
Speed of Preparation on Average : 1blister /minute
Mode of Impression Direct thermal printing
Fractional Medication Management 3 FSP (Free Packaging System) + MDU
Measurements 1070 mm (L) 1560 mm (D) 2035 mm (H)
Weight 850 kg
Category of Pollution Norms 2
Voltage Category II 
Equipment Class 1 
Temperature: 10-40 ° C 
Humidity: 10-80% 
Power Consumption : 850W - 1000V A
Electrical Connection: 220V/50Hz
Power Supply RJ45 in the back
Installation/Mini Ventilation: 20cm on wall / 5 ventilations
Normal Noise <85 dB

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