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The new generation in pharmaceutical deblistering. Intelligent, highly efficient, intuitive and designed with the end user in mind.

Idéale pour la Préparation des Doses à Administrer - Automatisée

Deblistering simple, smart and very effective.

Capable of deblistering over 1000 pills per minute with the ability sheet configurations in place at any one time, your productivity can only improve.




Robotic Deblisting Video

The manual or motorized defrosting machine

  • Labour cost savings & increased productivity
  •  Excellent success rate of waste & tablet separation*
  •  Quality design - built for usability
  •  Touch screen interface
  •  Variable speed control
  •  Easy adjustable deblister rings

Its operation is simple. An operator feeds blisterpacks by hand through the rollers by turning the handle. The tablets are gently squeezed out of the pack by the roller and separated into a 316 stainless steel collection drawer.


In a first step, the blister is positioned so as to calibrate the separators. The screw is rotated so that the necessary distance is approached as best as possible.

The separators mounted on an ellipscoid screw are suitable for all types of blister packs.

The adjustment is made in real time by a simple rotation of the screw. 

An adjustable and retractable guide facilitates large series.

The pressure of the extractor roller is adjustable according to the type of plug: capsules, tablets ...

A reciprocating passage ensures maximum extraction. The modular structure facilitates cleaning and disinfection.

Video manual deblistisation