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Transfer your prescriptions to the MyEureka and your medications will arrive, already organized, at your door!

Une solution pour faciliter le suivi de vos patients et garantir une bonne observance.

How does it Work?

  • A MyEUREKA pharmacist will transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy.
  • MyEUREKA sorts, packages and delivers your medications to you
  • Load the medication tray into the My EUREKA pill dispenser
  • Enjoy the MyEUREKA alerts, reminders and monitoring service





New uses, for better tracking!

More than 60% * of patients are anxious before a medical consultation, very often because they do not have enough information about their health!
The platform allows the patient to be well informed about his pathology and to follow his treatment correctly :

By asking the right questions to his doctor,
By being aware of his state of health, to better identify the risks,
To be properly and seriously healed (be aware of what he has, and what he can do to improve things).
By following his treatment correctly.

The patient will be less anxious, ask the right questions, identify the risks, and implement the recommendations of his doctor to take care of himself properly and seriously.

A tailor-made accompaniment to take your medicines at home

The preparation of the pill box by the pharmacist and the administration of medicines by the nurse are considered as medical procedures and are therefore excluded from the scope of competence of home-help professionals such as auxiliaries of life.

The pill must therefore be prepared either by a medical professional (pharmacist or nurse) or by a family member of the elderly person in order to facilitate the taking of medicines.

We offer you our MyEureka platform to realize your pillboxes, pillboxes and a mobile application, and finally the management of the alerts in case of not taken of the drugs makes it possible to follow the observance of the patient from day to day.

A coordination team at your service

The coordinating team composed of a doctor, a pharmacist, a nurse, a dietician can intervene with the patients treated at home as part of an ambulatory care through the My Eureka and Me platform.
Comprehensive care by the patient and family In addition to providing the medical equipment and devices necessary for the care, our solution makes it possible to provide a global accompaniment of patients with traceability:

- Knowledge of their treatments and care protocols
- Interview with the patient so as to constitute his medical file for the coordination,
- Real-time information of the family, caregivers and the healthcare team on the My Eureka platform
- Retrieval of prescriptions with the mobile application and preparation of pharmaceutical treatments
- Home delivery and installation of medical devices at home,
- Follow-up of the patient during his management, adapted to his pathology
- Follow-up of its observance and treatment
- Mobile application to help it on a daily basis
- Fact sheets and videos about his pathology
- Coordination of the end of care.
75 year old patients and + take medicines one or more time per day
70 year old patients and + take between 5 and 10 drugs per day
of French of more than 70 years in 2014

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